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Seiko Titanium 45mm Automatic SBGH255 TI pre-owned
Seiko GS
グランドセイコー メカニカル ハイビート36000 プロフェッショナル SBGH255 TI
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 37mm Automatic SNK809K2 new
Seiko 5
Military Automatic SNK809K2 Men's Watch
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 39mm Automatic SLGH005 pre-owned
グランドセイコー ヘリテージコレクション 白樺 SLGH005 SS
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 36mm Automatic 7S26-0420 pre-owned Indonesia, Bandung
Seiko 5
Light Blue SNXA05 Free shipping.
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Steel 36mm Automatic 7005-7001 pre-owned Indonesia, Bandung
Green Cross Hair 7005 - 7001 free shipping
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Steel 44mm Automatic SLA025J1 pre-owned Indonesia, bali
Seiko Prospex
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Titanium 40mm 5M45-6A01 pre-owned Indonesia, Sidoarjo
Landmaster Transpolar Titanium Mitsuro Ohba SBCW009
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko 38mm Automatic 5126-8090 pre-owned Indonesia, Jakarta
5126-8090 Kamen Rider Vintage 1969
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Automatic SRP451K1 new Indonesia, Bandung
Seiko Superior
SRP451K1 Blue Monster Limited Edition Superior 4R35 Diver Automatic SRP451
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Steel 45mm Automatic 4R36-05H0 pre-owned Indonesia, bali
Seiko Prospex
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko 44mm Automatic SRPJ52K1 new Indonesia, sagulung
Divers watch
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Automatic SKZ283 new Indonesia, Bandung
Seiko Superior
SKZ283K1 Starfish Monster Diver Star Automatic Watch 7S36-04G0
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Seiko Steel 37.5mm Manual winding 45-8000 pre-owned Indonesia, Jakarta
Seiko King
KS 45-8000 Linen Dial 45KS Manual 4500A Year 1969 Vintage (SERVICED)
Free shipping
Seiko Superior pre-owned Indonesia, Nusantara
Seiko Superior
5 Superior SKZ035 White Dial Super Rare Very Good Condition (Fullset Box Paper)
Free shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic srpc09k1 new Indonesia, GRESIK
New Seiko SRPC09K1 Recraft Blue Dial - Seiko SRPC09 Automatic
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 45mm Automatic SRPC49K1 pre-owned
Seiko Prospex
Limited "Black Ninja"
+ Rp.1,415,950 for shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SARY055 pre-owned Indonesia, LAMONGAN
Seiko Presage
Vintage Seiko Presage SARY055 White Dial 4R36-03H0 Automatic Watch
Free shipping
Seiko Titanium 41mm Automatic SBGA011 pre-owned
Seiko GS
Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA011 Snowflake
+ Rp.3,545,008 for shipping
Seiko Steel 39.9mm Automatic SLA017 pre-owned
Seiko Marinemaster
Prospex Diver Limited Edition - SLA017
+ Rp.1,978,092 for shipping
Seiko Steel 44.3mm Automatic SBDX023 pre-owned
Seiko Marinemaster
300m Prospex Professional Marine Master 09/2020 top condition box papers
+ Rp.3,324,583 for shipping
Seiko Steel 39.3mm Automatic SPB167J1 new
Seiko Presage
Sharp Edged Series
+ Rp.3,340,621 for shipping
Seiko Steel 35.5mm Manual winding 15034 pre-owned Indonesia, Jakarta
Seiko King
KS First 15034 AD Dial Manual 25J Year 1963 Vintage (SERVICED)
Free shipping
Seiko SNXJ92 pre-owned Indonesia, Nusantara
Seiko 5
Sport Automatic SNXJ92 Very Good Condition Datejust Very Rare (Box Paper Complete)
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 40.5mm Automatic SRPH78J1 new Indonesia, GRESIK
Seiko Presage
Limited Edition Seiko Presage Cocktail Time starbar SRPH78J1 SRPH78
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 43,8mm Quartz SBEE001 pre-owned
Seiko Prospex
Limited Edition Giugiaro Design Prospex
+ Rp.1,415,950 for shipping
Seiko Automatic 6106-8450 pre-owned Indonesia, LAMONGAN
Seiko 5
Vintage Seiko 5 Actus 6106-8450 Overhaul Mens Watch
Free shipping
Seiko Titanium 41mm Automatic SBGA211 new
Seiko GS
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Snow Flake Spring Drive 41mm SBGA211G
+ Rp.2,898,135 for shipping
Seiko Steel 45mm Automatic SPB179 pre-owned
Seiko Prospex
Ice Diver USA Special Edition - SPB179
+ Rp.1,518,071 for shipping
Seiko Steel 44mm Automatic SPB097J1 pre-owned
Seiko Prospex
+ Rp.1,002,387 for shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SPB197J1 new
Seiko Alpinist
Prospex Alpinist
+ Rp.3,340,621 for shipping

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Seiko Steel Automatic SBGA407G or SBGA407 new
Seiko GS
Elegance Spring Drive Skyflake Grand
+ Rp.985,483 for shipping
Seiko SNXJ92 new Indonesia
Seiko 5
Sport Automatic Very Rare SNXJ92 (New Unworn Box Paper Complete)
Free shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SNKL43K1 new Indonesia, GRESIK
Seiko 5
Automatic SNKL43K1 Blue Dial
Free shipping
Seiko Yellow gold Quartz Seiko pre-owned
A239-5020 Worldtime Atlas
+ Rp.1,002,387 for shipping
Seiko Titanium Automatic Seiko Nano Universe SCVE029 pre-owned Indonesia, LAMONGAN
limited edition 281/500 Seiko Nano Universe SCVE029 grey dial Circa 2015 4R35-00w0 Good
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 42.3mm Automatic SARK015 new
Seiko Presage
Chronograph 55th Anniversary Limited
+ Rp.3,545,008 for shipping
Seiko Steel 44mm Automatic SLA019J1 pre-owned
Seiko Marinemaster
Prospex Marinemaster grün 44mm - Ref. SLA019J1 “Deep Forest”von 2018
+ Rp.985,680 for shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SBGA025 pre-owned
Seiko GS
+ Rp.1,772,504 for shipping
Seiko Steel SSC081P1 new
Seiko Prospex
Solar Chronograph
+ Rp.3,340,621 for shipping
Seiko Steel 45mm Automatic SBDY029 pre-owned
Seiko Prospex
Japan Edition
+ Rp.5,847,256 for shipping
Seiko SKZ035 new Indonesia, Nusantara
Seiko Superior
5 Superior SKZ035 White Dial Super Rare (Fullset Box Paper)
Free shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SRPC99J1 new Indonesia, GRESIK
Seiko Presage
PresageSeiko Presage SRPC99J1 Cocktail Golden Champagne SRPC99
Free shipping
Seiko Titanium 40mm Automatic SBGA413 new
Seiko GS
Grand Seiko Spring
+ Rp.985,483 for shipping
Seiko Steel Quartz 7t32-6B9B pre-owned Indonesia, LAMONGAN
Rare Vintage seiko DAYTONA blue dial 7t32-6B9B quartz mens
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 44mm Automatic 6105-8110 pre-owned
Diver 6105-8110
+ Rp.3,545,008 for shipping
Seiko Steel 45mm SBXB077 8X53-0AD0-2 pre-owned
Seiko Astron GPS Solar
セイコー SEIKO アストロン SBXB077 8X53-0AD0-2
+ Rp.425,283 for shipping
Seiko Steel 44mm Automatic SBDX017
Seiko Marinemaster
300M SBDX017
+ Rp.1,533,405 for shipping
Seiko Steel SSH019J1 new
Seiko Astron
+ Rp.3,340,621 for shipping
Seiko Titanium 45mm Automatic SNR031 new
Seiko Prospex
SNR031 Prospex Diver 300m Titanium
+ Rp.1,518,071 for shipping
Seiko SNX447 new Indonesia, Nusantara
Seiko 5
Sports SNX447 Jade Green Dial Rare NEW Fullset Box Paper 7S26
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 43.8mm Automatic SKZ221K1 new Indonesia, GRESIK
Seiko 5 Sports
SKZ221K1 Map Meter 200M Grey Atlas
Free shipping
Seiko Automatic SBDC159 pre-owned
Seiko Prospex
Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Men's Watch
+ Rp.1,518,071 for shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SNXA05 pre-owned Indonesia, LAMONGAN
Seiko 5
Rare Seiko 5 SNXA05 Ice Blue Dial 7s26-0420 SNX05K1 Automatic Good condition
Free shipping
Seiko Titanium 52.4mm Automatic SBDX029 new
Seiko Prospex
Tuna SBDX029
+ Rp.3,545,008 for shipping
Seiko Rose gold 43mm GBLQ998 pre-owned
Seiko Credor
セイコー SEIKO クレドール スプリングドライブ ソヌリGBLQ998
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 48mm Quartz SBBN031 pre-owned
Seiko Marinemaster
Marine Master 300M “Tuna” SBBN031
+ Rp.1,533,405 for shipping
Seiko Steel 39.3mm Automatic SPB169J1 new
Seiko Presage
Sharp Edged Series Green Dial Men's Watch
+ Rp.3,340,621 for shipping
Seiko Steel 39.9mm Automatic SLA043 new
Seiko Prospex
SLA043 Prospex Diver 55th Anniversary Limited Edition
+ Rp.1,518,071 for shipping
Seiko SNKL41 new Indonesia, Nusantara
Seiko 5
Sport Automatic SNKL41 Stainless Steel Silver Men's Watch
Free shipping
Seiko Steel Quartz SSC009P1 new Indonesia, GRESIK
Seiko Prospex
Solar Chronograph SSC009P1 Dual Time Black Dial Silver SSC009
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 40.5mm Automatic SPB295J1 new
Seiko Presage
Craftsmanship Series Green "urushi" Dial Limited Edition
+ Rp.2,923,628 for shipping
Seiko Steel Automatic SBBP069 pre-owned Indonesia, LAMONGAN
Rare Seiko salmon SBBP069 salmon dial chronograph 7T32
Free shipping
Seiko Steel 43.8mm Automatic SRPE33K1 new
Seiko Prospex
43.8mm Save The Ocean Manta Samurai Edition Blue Dial Full Steel SRPE33K1
+ Rp.417,661 for shipping

Seiko: Masters of Japanese Watchmaking

The Japanese manufacturer Seiko drives innovation in the watch industry. Their catalog features everything from affordable quartz watches to masterpieces with minute repeaters. They produce all of their components without any external suppliers.

By Chrono24

Innovators in the Watch Industry

With over 140 years of history, Seiko is among Japan's most storied watch manufacturers. The company is based out of Tokyo and has a reputation for producing high-quality timepieces at attractive prices. What's more, Seiko is constantly introducing innovations to the industry, including the first quartz wristwatch, the highly-efficient Magic Lever winding mechanism, and the hybrid Kinetic and Spring Drive movements, which combine the best of quartz and automatic calibers.

Seiko's catalog is vast and has something for every taste and budget. For example, the Seiko 5 and 5 Sports are popular entry-level watches that offer quality finishing and reliable automatic in-house movements for shockingly low prices. The Prospex collection also enjoys a large fan base, especially its diving watches.

The Presage collection contains Seiko's dress watches. Each comes with a mechanical in-house caliber, and the designs cover the full spectrum from sporty to classic. For something particularly modern, Seiko offers the Premier collection. These timepieces are available with automatic, quartz, solar-powered, and Kinetic movements. Fans of high-tech watches should take a closer look at the Astron collection. Named after the world's first quartz wristwatch, Seiko outfits these timepieces with high-precision solar-powered calibers connected to the GPS network.

Seiko demonstrates their full watchmaking prowess with their two private brands: Grand Seiko and Credor. The watches from these brands boast the best technology the company has to offer. Other defining features include sophisticated complications, precious metals like gold and platinum, and flawless finishing.

Reasons to Buy a Seiko Watch

  • Outstanding value for money
  • A large selection of models
  • Exclusively equipped with in-house calibers
  • High-tech calibers: GPS solar, Kinetic, and Spring Drive
  • Especially refined: watches from Grand Seiko and Credor
SEIKO explained in 3 minutes | Short on Time

Prices at a Glance: Seiko Watches

Model, reference number Price (approx.) Feature(s)
Prospex LX, SNR029J1 5,800 USD Titanium, Spring Drive, water-resistant to 300 m (30 bar, 984 ft)
Presage Porco Rosso, SARK017 3,800 USD Stainless steel, chronograph, date
Prospex Tuna, S23631J1 2,600 USD Titanium, water-resistant to 1,000 m (100 bar, 3,281 ft)
Astron GPS Solar, SSH077J1 2,600 USD Stainless steel, GPS-controlled, solar-powered, perpetual calendar, GMT
Presage Prestige, SPB093J1 1,900 USD Stainless steel, Arita porcelain dial, power reserve indicator, small seconds
Prospex Turtle, SPB237J1 1,400 USD Stainless steel, date, water-resistant to 200 m (20 bar, 656 ft)
Prospex Alpinist, SPB197J1 1,000 USD Stainless steel, internal bezel, date
Premier, SNP161P1 900 USD Stainless steel, Kinetic caliber, oversized date, perpetual calendar
Premier Chrono Alarm, SNAF77P1 450 USD Stainless steel, quartz, chronograph, alarm function
5 Sports, SRPE79K1 360 USD Stainless steel, automatic, date, day
5 Sports Field, SRPG37K1 270 USD Stainless steel, automatic, date, day
5 Sports, SRPD55K2 250 USD Stainless steel, automatic, date, day

How much do Seiko watches cost?

Seiko is the 5th most bought brand on Chrono24 Seiko is the 5th most bought brand on Chrono24

You can find Seiko watches on Chrono24 for less than 100 USD. Most are older models from the Seiko 5 collection. Current editions from the Seiko 5 Sports line, such as the SRPD55K2 diving watch and military-style SRPG37K1, demand between 220 and 290 USD. Select special editions like the SRPE83K1 "Brian May" can cost up to 900 USD.

Prices for watches in the Prospex collection begin under 450 USD. At this price point, you can get models with solar-powered calibers, including many with chronograph functions. The collection's popular diving watches bear nicknames given by fans based on their unique shapes: Turtle, Samurai, and Tuna. You can call one of these timepieces your own for anywhere from 560 to 2,800 USD. Top Prospex models use Spring Drive calibers and sell for up to 5,200 USD.

The dress watches in the Presage collection change hands for as little as 400 USD on Chrono24. Those with a chronograph or GMT function cost between 1,400 and 1,800 USD. If you want a Presage with a Spring Drive caliber, be sure to have about 3,700 USD on hand.

Depending on the model, you can call an Astron with a high-precision GPS solar caliber your own for between 1,500 and 3,200 USD.

Seiko Prospex: Functional Sports Watches

The Prospex collection contains sports watches for professionals at affordable prices. The name "Prospex" is derived from "Professional Specifications," further demonstrating that these watches are for professional purposes. This is made most apparent when looking at the series' diving watches.

Tuna: Water-Resistant to 1,000 m

The so-called "Tuna" models are a great example of this. Their name comes from the case's outer shroud, which bears a strong resemblance to a tuna can. The outer shroud not only protects the watch from impacts but also improves its water resistance. Thus, timepieces like the ref. SLA042J1 "Golden Tuna," with its gold bezel, boast water resistance to 1,000 m (100 bar, 3,281 ft). Large glow-in-the-dark hands and indices make telling the time a breeze in all lighting conditions. This particular reference gets its power from the caliber 8L35 with a 50-hour power reserve. A SLA042J1 will set you back roughly 4,100 USD. Its sister model, the ref. S23631J1 with a black bezel and quartz caliber, is much more affordable at around 2,600 USD.

Turtle: A Beloved Diving Watch With Cult Status

Other popular Prospex diving watches include the various Turtle models and remakes of Seiko's first diving watch from the 1960s. Like the Tuna, the Turtle gets its nickname from its case shape, which looks like a turtle shell.

The Turtle ref. SPB151J1 is a 42.7-mm stainless steel remake of the ref. 6105-8110 worn by Martin Sheen as Captain Willard in "Apocalypse Now." This watch is water-resistant to 200 m (20 bar, 656 ft) and features a unidirectional rotatable diving bezel. Other defining features include a crown with a crown guard at 4 o'clock. Thanks to the caliber 6R35, the "Captain Willard Turtle" boasts a 70-hour power reserve. Prices for this classic watch sit around 1,400 USD.

For something more affordable, the ref. SRPE05K1 is a great alternative. It has a slightly more modern dial design and uses the caliber 4R36 with a reduced 42-hour power reserve. You can find this model on Chrono24 for as little as 570 USD.

Seiko's Retro Diver

Seiko's first diving watch debuted in 1965 and has since served as the blueprint for other Prospex models. The Prospex Automatic Diver's Limited Edition SLA043J1 from 2020 is especially similar to the vintage classic. From the case shape and domed crystal to the dial design, Seiko achieved a stunningly accurate remake. However, the modern Prospex outdoes its predecessor when it comes to water resistance. While the original was only resistant to 150 m (15 bar, 492 ft), the new watch is resistant to 200 m (20 bar, 656 ft). Furthermore, the remake's caliber, the 8L35, is a state-of-the-art movement with a 50-hour power reserve. Limited to a run of 1,700 pieces, this model sells for roughly 4,400 USD on Chrono24.

The ref. SPB147J1 is a much less expensive option that also has noticeable ties to Seiko's diving watch from 1965. However, the manufacturer has lent it a more modern design and the caliber 6R35. You can call this timepiece your own for about 1,100 USD.

Prospex LX With Spring Drive Technology

The Prospex LX series is home to the collection's high-tech models. Inside their cases, you'll find ultra-modern Spring Drive calibers, some with a GMT function. You can recognize these timepieces by their fourth central hands and bidirectional 24-hour bezel. Seiko equips other Prospex LX editions with compass or diving bezels.

Depending on the exact watch, a Prospex LX will set you back between 4,600 and 5,800 USD.

The Alpinist

The Alpinist series is another pillar of the Prospex collection. Its design dates back to the models Seiko developed specifically for mountain climbers in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Typical features include cathedral hands and triangular hour indices. In some models, these indices alternate with Arabic numerals. The 39.5-mm editions stand out with their additional crown at 4 o'clock, which is used to operate the internal compass bezel. Seiko leaves this feature off the smaller, 38-mm variants. As a result, these watches feel more elegant and less technical. The third Alpinist model is especially elegant and takes after the original Alpinist from 1959 with its dauphine hands and Art Deco dial.

No matter which Alpinist watch you choose, it will be water-resistant to 200 m (20 bar, 656 ft) and use the automatic in-house caliber 6R35. Be sure to have between 720 and 970 USD on hand for one of these timepieces.

Features of Seiko Prospex Watches

  • Robust sports watches with mechanical or electrical calibers
  • Top diving watches with water resistance to 1,000 m (100 bar, 3,281 ft)
  • Prospex LX with Spring Drive technology
  • Alpinist: a popular retro model

Seiko 5: Affordable Automatic Sports Watches

If you're on the market for an affordable automatic watch, you're sure to encounter the Seiko 5 and Seiko 5 Sports collections. Prices for these quality timepieces begin below 100 USD for simple three-hand models with day-date displays. Their simple, sporty designs make them the perfect choice for everyday wear. While the Seiko 5 collection has a large number of elegant watches, it also contains models with dials and textile bands reminiscent of pilot's and military watches. On the other hand, the Seiko 5 Sports collection is mostly diving watches and extra-sporty dress watches.

In early 2020, Seiko united the two collections into one called "Seiko 5 Sports." The modern collection is split into the sub-series Sports Style, Suits Style, Street Style, Specialist Style, and Sense Style. The Sense Style line is incredibly colorful, with designs ranging from camouflage to bright and bold. Suits and Specialist Style watches have more classic and refined designs, while timepieces in the Sports and Street Style series exude a particularly sporty character,

The manufacturer outfits most current Seiko 5 Sports models with the caliber 4R36. Unlike the calibers from the 7S family found in older editions, this movement boasts a stop-seconds mechanism and the option to set the time manually.

Prices for new 5 Sports models are more than moderate despite their improved technology. On average, these watches cost between 220 and 370 USD. Even limited editions are available for less than 570 USD.

100% Mechanical: Seiko Presage

Seiko mainly produces classically elegant timepieces in the Presage collection. Many of these watches take their inspiration from vintage classics from the company's long history. Another feature shared across the collection is that each watch comes with a mechanical caliber produced in-house.

The collection is divided into two lines: Prestige and Basic. The Prestige series sets itself apart with its high-end technology. Most of the watches use calibers from the 5R or 6R series, which offer 45 and 50-hour power reserves, respectively. Many models have complications like a GMT function, power reserve indicator, or chronograph. Beyond that, Seiko furnishes many Prestige watches with enamel or Arita porcelain dials, further underscoring their elegant nature. Prices vary by model and range from 770 to 2,000 USD. However, some limited editions cost 3,900 USD or more.

In the Presage Basic Line, you'll mostly find timepieces with movements from the 4R family. These calibers have 41-hour power reserves. Seiko often decorates the dials with delicate patterns or elaborate sunbursts. The Basic Line also contains many Open Heart models with cutouts in their dials. In terms of price, you can expect to pay between 410 and 720 USD for a Presage Basic Line on Chrono24.

Features of the Presage Collection

  • Exclusively mechanical movements
  • High quality at a fair price
  • Top models with chronographs, GMT functions, or power reserve indicators

Seiko Premier: Classic and Modern in One

In the Premier collection, Seiko puts a modern twist on classic design. For example, while the use of Roman numerals lends these timepieces a traditional look, their 43-mm cases and wide bezels and lugs are decidedly modern. The technology is also up to contemporary standards. Beyond the usual automatic and quartz movements, you'll also find solar-powered and Kinetic calibers. Each Kinetic caliber has a generator that converts the rotor's kinetic energy into electricity and stores it in a battery. This battery then serves as an energy source for a precise quartz caliber.

As for functionality, the Premier collection offers everything from classic three-hand watches and chronographs to timepieces with moon phases, alarms, or perpetual calendars. Prices for Seiko Premier watches range from 330 to 970 USD.

Astron: Descended from the First Quartz Wristwatch

The Astron collection is by far Seiko's most modern line of watches. The "Astron" name dates back to the world's first quartz watch, which Seiko introduced in 1969. Like their historical predecessor, current Astron watches stand for state-of-the-art technology and precision.

Seiko equips these timepieces with the latest and greatest quartz movements with GPS technology. GPS technology not only enables these watches to synchronize the time to the exact second but also recognizes which time zone the wearer is in and automatically adjusts the time. These movements can even tell if the hands correspond with the actual time and correct them accordingly. Other features found in current Astron models include perpetual calendars that won't require manual correction until March 1, 2100. Top models also boast GMT or world-time displays.

Solar cells provide the Astron with its energy. Fully charged, the Astron can run two years in the dark.

Prices for these high-tech watches depend on their functionality and fall between 1,700 and 2,600 USD.

The Lukia Women's Collection: Glamor From Ginza

The Lukia collection has been part of Seiko's portfolio since 1995 and is mostly comprised of women's watches. These timepieces take their design inspiration from Tokyo's famous Ginza shopping district and were exclusively available to the Japanese market for a long time. The first deliveries of Lukia watches arrived at Seiko boutiques in North America and Europe in 2020.

The current collection contains six 34.8-mm models in stainless steel, the only difference between them being their dial colors: There's "gofun" (white), "kurenai" (deep red), "ruri-iro" (deep blue), "aoshiro-tsurubami" (graceful gray), "sakura-iro" (rosy pink), and "tsukishiro" (light blue). The dials are made of mother-of-pearl, feature floral patterns, and are set with diamonds. Each watch uses the automatic in-house caliber 6R35 with a date display.

Lukia models rarely appear for sale on Chrono24. Their recommended retail prices range from 1,300 to 1,400 USD, depending on the exact watch. Limited to a run of 250 pieces, the version with a light blue dial and diamond bezel has a list price of 2,500 EUR (approx. 2,800 USD).

Luxury Watches From Grand Seiko and Credor

The high-end brands Grand Seiko and Credor represent the very best that Seiko has to offer. Both brands offer luxury watches of the highest order that more than stand up to their counterparts from Switzerland.

Grand Seiko watches set themselves apart with their clear, conservative designs. Beyond technological perfection, Seiko's watchmakers pay particularly close attention to finishing. Their zaratsu polishing is among the best in the world.

The Credor brand focuses on precious metals like gold and platinum. Their watch designs range from classically simple to finely decorated. You'll also find models with tourbillons or minute repeaters.

Of course, so much luxury has its price. A current Grand Seiko model will set you back anywhere from 5,600 to 115,000 USD. Prices for Credor watches are known to surpass 170,000 USD.

Tradition Since 1881

Kintaro Hattori first opened a small clock store in his early twenties in 1881, creating the foundation of today's Seiko corporation. The first factory followed only eleven years later and had the name "Seikosha." This term comes from the Japanese words "Seiko" (precise) and "sha" (house). The goal was to manufacture all of their own components and to sell watches at more affordable prices than their competitors. The concept was a triumph and has brought the company long-lasting success.

Today, they produce almost all of their own watch components — a unique trait in the world of watchmaking. When Seiko introduced the first Japanese wristwatch "Laurel" to the public in 1913, every single component had been made in-house. Prior to that, they had manufactured pocket watches and wall clocks.

President Shinji Hattori heads the corporation, which also includes brands such as Orient Watch, Pulsar, and Lorus.