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Box it Right: Mastering the Art of Watch Storage

By Jorg Weppelink

How do you store your watches? In their original box? In the drawer of your nightstand? How about a watch box? Many enthusiasts buy one for their collection, and it’s the perfect way to keep your watches safe from getting lost or scratched. Your timepieces are expensive luxury products, and deserve to be kept in a proper watch box or case. So how do you find the right one, and what exactly are they good for? Let’s find out more about the best way to store your watches.

What Is a Watch Box?

As you’d expect, a watch box is not the only way to store your watches. There are watch pouches, boxes, cases, rolls, and if you want something to keep your automatic timepieces running, you can even consider a watch winder. All of these different ways of storing a watch are mainly to protect them from getting dents and scratches. They also make it easy to store multiple watches together in a safe place, so you always have your collection (or part of it) in one single safe place.

Functionality and Purpose of a Watch Box

But there’s more to it than just storing your watches at home. Watch boxes or cases can also be the perfect way to take your watches with you, such as on a business trip or vacation. There are also plenty of watch events that people take their watches to; a watch roll or case is the perfect choice here. There’s also a bit more to watches than just storing them at home and taking them on trips, however.

A Rolex Sea-Dweller with its box and papers.
A Rolex Sea-Dweller with its box and papers.

Watch boxes often cost a pretty penny because they’re made of premium materials such as leather, heavy-duty canvas, lacquered woods, and velvet. They are just as much a part of the luxury world of watches as the watches themselves. There’s even a separate industry focused on watch accessories, of which watch storage is an important part. Tons of companies out there produce watch boxes and watch rolls. Some of the familiar names are Wolf, Rapport, Shinola, Tawbury, and Innocente. But you will also see famous watch and luggage brands like Rimowa offer watch rolls, pouches, and boxes. Watch storage has been a significant part of the hobby for years, and there’s plenty to choose from.

If you’re wondering whether a watch’s box and papers are important or not, find out more in this article.

What kind of watch boxes are out there?

Let’s jump into the different options you have as a watch fan. Different watch boxes serve different purposes.

Watch Box

Watch boxes are probably the most versatile when it comes to the different purposes they serve. A watch box offers the perfect way to store your watch or watches. On top of that, they’re great for taking them on the road. Most watch boxes have a display that allows you to see all the timepieces at once without having to open the box or take them out.

Watch Pouch

Watch box too bulky? A pouch is the perfect, compact way to transport your watch. A pouch often offers space for one or two watches at the same time, making it the perfect way to take them with you in a bag. The downside is that watch pouches don’t have the sturdy construction a watch box offers, while the upside is that they’re often made of premium materials like leather and canvas that make them look great, all while not taking up too much space.

Watch Roll

Next up are watch rolls, which refers to multiple products. There are the foldable watch rolls, often made of leather or canvas, that hold multiple timepieces. They’re essentially a practical way of taking your watches if a pouch for only one or two watches is not enough, and you’d like to take more. Every watch has a separate pocket, and you fold/roll up the watch roll, which is often closed with a strap and a buckle or leather strap you tie shut. The big advantage of these types of rolls is that they take up the smallest amount of space in your luggage while traveling.

If you’re looking for something a bit sturdier, a different watch roll might be a better idea. This kind often features a cylindrical shape and is often made of leather. It holds one or multiple watches, and has a separate compartment for every timepiece, letting them “float” in the roll as they remain firmly strapped on a cushion inside it. You can take the watches out while they are still strapped on the cushion by undoing the snap buttons that attach the cushion to the side of the roll. These watch rolls are very popular with many watch collectors, and are often the perfect way to take watches with you on trips without having to worry about something happening to them.

Your Travel Companion: The Practical Watch Roll
Your practical travel companion: The watch roll

Watch Case

A watch case and a watch box are pretty similar. I would however say that a watch case is the sturdiest way to transport your timepieces. Watch cases are often made of robust materials like metal, or the polypropylene copolymer used in the famous Peli Protector Case. To maintain a luxury feel, these materials are sometimes combined with leather. Overall, I associate a watch case more with transportation, so it in my opinion doesn’t need to feature a display window, although it should have a solid closing mechanism to keep the watches safe at all times.

Watch Winder

The last storage option I would like to touch on is the watch winder. In essence, this is often comparable to a watch box, but has a winder mechanism built into it. You can store your automatic watches in them, and their gentle spinning action will keep them running even while they’re off your wrist. No more having to set the time and date when it’s time to put your watches back on. It’s a great way to store your timepieces, and seeing them turn in the winder is pretty cool.

Keep you watch running by using a watch winder for storage.
Keep your watch running by using a watch winder for storage.

Customization and Personalization

As mentioned, watch storage is as much a part of this hobby as watches themselves. A watch collection can be very personal, which is why watch accessory manufacturers often allow you to customize a watch roll or watch box: choose from the colors for the leather and stitching, the number of watches a roll or box holds, or the shades of the materials used on the inside. It’s often even possible to have your storage accessory personalized. Quite a few brands will stitch or embroider your name somewhere in or on it. It’s a nice personal touch that makes a collection truly yours.

Check out all the different options for storing and transporting your watches. They’ll do a great job protecting your watches from unwanted dents and scratches, and can really personalize a collection, making this hobby that much more enjoyable.

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