Men’s Watches

The traditional men’s watches are fine examples of haute horlogerie, perfect to wear with a suit to dinner or the opera. These timepieces feature a traditional design paired with intricate complications such as a moon phase or a world time display. The watches range from the simple, ultra-thin Slimline to the sportier Vintage Rally chronographs.

Ladies’ Watches

These extraordinary timepieces make a beautiful addition to every woman’s wrist. There’s a watch for every occasion, whether formal or casual. Watches in the sophisticated Ladies Automatic collection feature gorgeous diamond-set bezels and diamond indices paired with satin straps, while the watches in the Classics Index collection have a simpler, more traditional design.

The 21st century wristwatch

The Horological Smartwatch can really do it all. Using Bluetooth technology, this masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking pairs with your smartphone and tracks your daily activities, monitors your sleep, displays a second time zone, and works as an alarm. The watch automatically sets itself – ideal for frequent travelers – and also notifies you about new e-mails and missed phone calls by vibrating softly.

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Horological Smartwatch

The Horological Smartwatch is bursting with modern technology. The classic analog design of these men’s and women’s watches goes well with both a business suit and workout clothes. The gold-plated timepieces with leather straps are especially elegant. The smartwatch records and sends your activity data to the iPhone and Android compatible app, MMT-365.

Make any analog watch smart

The E-Strap transforms every analog wristwatch into a smartwatch. It offers the modern watch enthusiast several practical functions.
Activity tracking
Sleep monitoring
Smart sleep alarms
Get-active alerts
Dynamic coach
Rechargeable battery
Cloud backup and restore
The smart E-Strap works in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet and is compatible with iOS and Android.


The smart strap offers the same functions as the Horological Smartwatch. It’s available in light brown, dark brown, navy, or black leather in combination with a stainless steel, gold-plated, or rose gold-plated clasp. The strap’s powerful technology is discreetly hidden in its clasp.

A new way to measure precision

With Analytics, you can measure and analyze your watch’s precision quickly, simply, and at a fair price.

Analytics is a revolutionary tool that measures the precision of your mechanical watch with a small clip. All that’s needed is your watch, the clip, and the SwissConnect Analytics App for iPhone or Android. The app analyzes your measurements and saves them to the Cloud. Staying in line with the company’s philosophy, Analytics is available at an affordable price.

The Analytics is compatible with iOS & Android. Discover the supported devices here.

Luxury within everyone’s reach

Frédérique Constant produces high-quality watches at affordable prices. Their goal is to offer classic, quality timepieces to as many watch lovers as possible. Even the most complicated in-house calibers are comparatively affordable. Frédérique Constant makes flawless designs, technical innovations, and impeccable quality its highest priorities.

A rising star in the Swiss watch industry

Frédérique Constant was founded in 1988 by Aletta Stas-Bax and Peter Stas. Four years later, they presented their first six models. Today, the manufacturer has an exceptional range of in-house production. From the first design sketches to the finishing touches, Frédérique Constant is involved in every step. Some of their watchmaking highlights include in-house calibers with a perpetual calendar or tourbillon.

The Founders

Aletta Stas-Bax
Aletta Stas-Bax has an eye for design and detail and oversees the company’s philosophy. She’s the descendent of Frederique Schreiner (1881 – 1969), one half of the company’s namesake.

Peter Stas
Peter Stas is Frédérique Constant’s main strategist. This businessman is the descendant of Constant Stas, who founded a dial manufacture in 1904. The ancestor’s first name makes up the second part of the company name.


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